Our family friendly kitchen and taproom is now open! All minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Food Menu

Panini Sandwiches - All come with your choice of side and toppings

  1. Smoked Wagyu Roast Beef - $12
    Beautiful wagyu beef raised in Brant, Alberta and prepared and smoked at a butcher shop just a block away from the brewery. Try it with our smoked mustard!
  2. Turkey Pastrami - $11
    Alberta raised turkey that comes from a butcher chop just a block away from the brewery. This is a great tasting lean turkey that isn't dried out and has lots of flavour! Try it with our cran-mayo.
  3. Grilled Cheese - $7
    Simple and tasty. Pairs well with a pickle on the side.


  1. Board for One - $13
    Generous portions of meat, cheese, crackers with your choice of fig jam or smoked mustard
  2. Board for Two - $22
    We take a board for one and amp it up with some additional meats and cheeses and pickled veggies to make this very satisfying for two people or great to snack on for a larger group
  3. Cheese Board - $7
    Cheese from our Board for One
  4. Meat Board - $7
    Meat from our Board for One


  1. White Bean Hummus - $7
    House made white bean hummus with carrots, cucumber and grilled naan bread.
  2. Chips & Salsa - $5
    Quick and simple - corn tortilla chips with some chunky salsa.
Dietary Restrictions 
We understand that finding food options can be challenging. We try to be inclusive in our menu. Our kitchen is small and we don't have freezers so we can't go too crazy with the amount of options for you.  Our Chips & Salsa are gluten free and vegan. Both styles of potato chips are gluten free. Ask for a substitute for the crackers on any meat or cheese board to make them gluten free. Substitute extra veggies for the naan on your hummus platter and make it vegan. If you would like to customize any items, please ask. We will try and be accommodating. When we are really busy, your order may take a bit longer.