Food Menu

Panini Sandwiches - All come with your choice of side and toppings

  1. Smoked Wagyu Roast Beef - $8
    Beautiful wagyu beef raised in Brant, Alberta and prepared and smoked at a butcher shop just a block away from the brewery. Try it with our smoked mustard!
  2. Turkey Pastrami - $7
    Alberta raised turkey that comes from a butcher chop just a block away from the brewery. This is a great tasting lean turkey that isn't dried out and has lots of flavour! Try it with our cran-mayo.
  3. Black Forest Ham - $7
    Alberta raised pork make this amazing ham taste more like a roast ham than any other deli meat you have tried. Try it with our grainy mustard.
  4. Grilled Cheese - $5
    Simple and tasty. Pairs well with a pickle on the side.


  1. Board for One - $10
    Generous portions of meat, cheese, crackers and olives with your choice of fig jam or smoked mustard
  2. Board for Two - $18
    We take a board for one and amp it up with some additional meats and cheeses to make this very satisfying for two people or great to snack on for a larger group
  3. Cheese Board - $8
    This delicious offering will satisfy any cheese lover. This is also a vegetarian option.
  4. Meat Board - $8
    Not much to say here - delicious cured meats that go very well with beer.